Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dad and Wife Juanita

What can I say about this wonderful woman? She married my dad when he was already suffering the ill effects of Parkinson's disease. She was and is kind, loving, bright, fun, funny, warm, wise, and, indominable. She and she alone is responsible for my father's happiness in the last years of his life.

She truly loved him in the way all angels do -- actively; in word and deed. I do not know what my sister and I would have done without her. We would not have attended to Dad's last days in the ways daughters do for many reasons, not the least of which is the tenuous nature of our familial connection.

Did we and do we love him? Yes, we do. But life is so much more complex and relationships so unique that I cannot even begin to tell you anything truly meaningful about our father-daughter relationships. I'd have to write a book and I have so many other projects pending . . . .

We are grateful beyond measure that Dad found Juanita and we wish her great peace after Dad's passing.

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