Wednesday, June 11, 2008

More on the Merchant Marine in Dad's Own Words

I signed on May 1, 1943 and returned to Baltimore Maryland on November 1, 1943. The voyage took us from charleston to the Panama Canal and across the Pacific to Freemantle australia. We off loaded the deck cargo and the torpedoes at Freemantle as that was a major submarine base. From Freemantle we crossed the Indian Ocean to colmbo of what was then Ceylon now called Sri Lanka. After a very brief stay in Colombo we traveled to Bombay and then to Karachi. We unloaded what was left of our cargo and recrossed the Indian Ocean to Durban South Africa. We were only anchored there in an open roadstead with no shore leave. The next port of call was Capetown where we refueled, took on stores and left across the South Atlantic to Santos Brazil. We took on a load of coffee in Santos and then made a stop in Rio de Jeneiro. I believe the next stop was in Curaso for fuel. we returned to the U.S. in Baltimore, Maryland on November 1, 1943.
I returned to California in November and took my next ship S.S. J. Maurice Thompson from San Francisco. It was a short trip to honolulu and return to San Francisco. We left on December 2, 1943, and returned on February 25, 1944.
more to come . . . .

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