Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Grandparents Should Not Raise their Grandchildren"

Me in my grand-parents' back yard -- 1957. Until I was five, my family lived on 4th Street in Hillcrest and my grand-parents lived on 3rd. My mom was sick alot and my grandparents raised us until we moved to the suburbs in 1957. Here, Dad tells the Los Angeles Daily Journal what he thinks about grandparents raising their grandchildren. As you can imagine, I find the following hysterically funny.
Grandparents should not raise their grandchildren [Commissioner Pike] said because they are too patient. "Parents are not supposed to be patient," Pike emphasized. "That's not the real world. You're not equipped to deal in the real world unless you have parents who have the stress of a marriage."

After we moved to the suburbs, we became equipped to deal with the real world.

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