Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dad on Dad and Leslie, Lois and Russell

(school picture)

Handwritten; undated:
Dad must have been unemployed when we lived in the compound [?] He bought a circular saw. It was powered by a model-T engine mounted on a 4x4 frame. The transmission was complete with a clutch. At the end of the drive shaft was mounted a circular saw blade about thirty inches in diameter. There was a tilting platform to rest the logs on. It seemed to me that he and Leslie went off into the woods to cut cordwood that was later sold in San Diego. I remember $12 a cord. I was very jealous of Leslie and his friendship with father.

We moved from there to Kentwood in the Pines. I think it was close to Cuyamaca as Dad went back to work at C.A. Gray's ranch. Lois [sister] had appendicitus while we were there and Russell [brother] was born. it was either for the appendicitis or to take mother to the hospital, that Mr. Gray lent father a new beaver tail (?) dodge to drive to the hospital. It had a velvet-like upholstery. It must have been a 1932. That was about the time of the first Roosevelt campaign which seems to have been tied up with prohibition. It could have been 1932 when we lived the the compound. I recall that Roosevelt and Repeal were spoken like expletives. I never again recall political discussions but I recall 1932.

Around the house in Kentwood were beautiful tall pine trees. On the walk to school was an orchard of delicious apples. I don't think there was a bus. The road went across a large meadow, fenced on both sides and went down the mountain to Banner mne. It was called Banner Grade.

In the spring, cattle were herded from the moutains to the fields below Banner at the edge of the desert where a rich cienega made waist-high grass. Once a year there was a rodeo in the fields ot the left between the road to Cuyamaca and the Banner Grade. A barnstorming pilot flying a World War I bi-plane, probably a "Jenny" arrived to raise a few dollars. One day on landing his landing gear caught in telephone wires and he crashed. My first airplane, I recall the fabric with laquer making it stiff and brittle.

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